Drop Zone - Pint Size Punks
Gruntshop Records

     If you ever get the chance, buy Pint Size Punks by Drop Zone.  Of
course, if it is a choice between starvation and owning the CD, eat. 
But if it's a choice between spending money to improve your skateboard
and buying the CD, or buying Blink 182 or Less than Jake and buying
Pint Size Punks, then get Pint Size Punks.
     The reason the album has such a phenomenally awful name is that
the record label apparently just can't emphasize enough the age of
these kids.  They are 12, 13, and 14 and are billed as the punk
version of Hanson, which is grossly unfair to these very talented
    Musically, the album is just great.  These guys have the pop punk
instrumental style down like Oppenheimer taking an Algebra II test. 
The guitar work is great, even the drumming is great, and we all know
how rare good punk drummers are.  The vocals, in some songs are very
strong, in others a lack of maturity is evident.  On the whole,
though, the singing is all you would want out of a far more
experienced band and more.
     There are even moments, such as in "Music on the Radio To..." and
"Footmarks" where the lyrics are highly entertaining.  Naturally, with
maturity (well, with getting older and more accustomed to writing
songs, but hopefully with the juvenile mentality that marks good pop
punk) the lyrics are only going to get stronger.
     But there's no need to look to the future with these guys,
because they're good *right now*.  'Quinn' could probably get heavy
radio play in a lot of markets right now, and not because it is
generic but because it is *good*.  (Some stations still manage to make
that distinction, though they usually broadcast out of campuses and
have frequencies too weak to be heard across the quad.)
     In short, this is the most unhesitantly positive review I have
been able to give any CD I have reviewed for adkg.  It's great work,
and pop punk fans should absolutely own it.  Oh, I hope they lose the
ska influence at some point.  In spite of those parts, buy the album,
if you can find it.
...ron provine...

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