Dirty Water Dogs - The Luscious Lo-Fi Sounds Of....
Lab Rat Records

I remember seeing these guys at the PIT in Rockford, IL three years ago and having a complete sense
of apathy to their set. In fact, I seem to remember everyone having the same apathy. The PIT, which
normally had the lights out during a band's set, turned the lights *on* in the midst of this band's
set. So it was with trepidation that I set out to review this CD, recently released on Lab Rat
Records, a label which has consistently released quality stuff. What can I say about this CD? Every
label slips up sometime, I guess. This album eight songs of bland, underproduced, dry garage rock.
The best part about this CD is when they say FUCKED in track 7, "School of Life," a touch-tone
telephone beeps it out. Neat-o. This band wasn't very impressive "back in the day" and it looks
like they, unfortunately, haven't changed much in the years in between.
...john heisel...

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