Dwindle - Days Away
Guilt Ridden Pop

This band makes me feel completely awful about myself and my musical
tastes. I'd wager that if you go out and buy this you'll know what I'm
talking about.  Let me explain here anyway.....

I know you all do it like I do too. You keep up with the labels you trust and the bands you know. Straying outside is a fairly rare occurence. You're on the mailing lists for all your favorite labels and bands so you know when the next "ex-members of" side-project is going to be released. To be honest, we're all pretty closed minded about music to a certain extent (at least I know I am, I'll admit it). So when a band like Dwindle comes from a label that I do not follow to release a cd that I would never just up and buy (because I have heard nothing from them since they played a show at the Fireside a few years ago that I _think_ I went to) I feel pretty bad for being so closed to things I've never heard of. The simple reason for that is because this is a really good album. I'm ashamed for not seeking out stuff like this and just assuming that a label I know is going to release it and shove it down my throat for me. Thankfully I found them though.
Dwindle, from Minneapolis (not universally known as an indie rock hot bed [see? there I go again!]), plays soft spoken, pensive indie rock. Slowed down but rocking stuff usually driven by one clean and one screaming, distorted guitar. Softer breakdowns and longer instrumental sections abound to break things up. The vocals seem to float just barely above the music in a sort of half-spoken kind of manner. I guess this is a cd that makes me think of looking out a window while it's raining. No matter how cliche that is, that's what this reminds me of.....you know that feeling, don't kid yourself. So hopefully this sheds some light on a band who seems to be largely unknown and I must say that I am happy to be a part of their uncovering. This is a band that doesn't deserve to be ignored, this cd is too good to be overlooked any longer. Now you dont have an excuse, you can't say "waaaaa, I've never heard of them."
Wise up, sucka.
...david smith...

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