Emperor Penguin - Damn EP
My Pal God Records

After listening to this EP several times, I was left with the question of
why I was still listening to it.  These sounds are more addictive than
crack.  I am not going to say that "Damn" is one of the most innovative, or
spectacular pieces of music I have heard, but I have no complaints.  As
much as I am not compelled to run out and buy their entire back catalog, I
am not jumping from my seat to remove from the CD player - in fact I
haven't for the last 4 days.  Their mixture of electronic music with classic
funk bass and hooks works its way into your head and leaves you wondering
why there is not more music like it.    

The main point of note in this EP is the appearance of the Live Expedition Squadron. The added instruments give the band a more progressive rock sound. "Echos of Pumford" has a very strong aura of Pink Floyd. The bizarre funk abstractions for which Emperor Penguin is known again make an appearance in the last two tracks which feature only Mel Stanke and Lazlo Minimart. These two songs have a very mellow, atmospheric feel. Everything you would hope for from your average vintage synth/electronic/funk/whatever band. But I suppose that is the point isn't it?
...erik martin...

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