Engine Down - Under the Pretense of Present Tense
Lovitt Records

This is the first album from VA's Engine Down, and after all the hype, it
doesn't let down.  The first time I heard about this band was in reference
to the guitar player's old band, Sleepytime Trio. He played drums in that
band but picked up the guitar and vocal work in this one. Naturally, I was
interested as ST are one of my all time favorite bands. Last summer their
debut 7" was released just prior to their U.S. tour supporting another
Lovitt Records band, 400 Years.  Suffice to say, Engine Down blew them off
the stage.  Since that night I have ben eagerly awaiting the full length,
wearing the grooves on that first 7" through.  What a pleasent surprise it
was to find the cd in my mailbox this week....

This cd demonstrates all that is fresh in the current "emo" scene. Forget all those Get Up Kids/Promise Ring/Mineral rip off bands, this is where it's at. Engine Down play incredibly driving, coarse emotional hardcore coupled with long drawn instrumental segments accented with chimes, violins, cellos, and piano work. Most of the songs go over the five minute mark with the band shifting seamlessly in and out of each style. There is so much raw passion and energy seeping from each one of these songs as the singers agonize; it's hard not to get caught up in it yourself. This band is honest. With the way things are going in the underground "scene" right now, this is about the highest compliment i can give a band.

After they played last summer I remember watching the guitar player slump down on the stage after the last song and start crying. Maybe you think thats a sign of insincerity and that he's just posturing. Take one listen to this entire cd and try to tell me that.
...david smith...

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