The Enkindels - Buzzclip 2000
Initial Records

After looking at this album's name and the band pictures in the CD book, I can honestly say that I
think this band is trying to have a buzz clip by the year 2000. If one were to judge this CD by the
cover, you'd think they were trying to become the next Sugar Ray or Sublime or whatever the next
alternative-cute-boy band will be. The music contained within was slightly unexpected, given this
idea -- it's melodic, poppy hardcore punk. The vocals are slightly raspy, sometimes sounding like
Hot Water Music. Highly danceable and bouncy, The Enkindels music would be perfect for tomorrow's
generation of 15-year-old kids looking for the Next Big Thing. Lots of infectious riffs on this
album, reminding me lots of Urge Overkill's "Saturation" and that song by the Toadies that was
pretty popular a few years ago. Buzzclip2000 is a pretty decent album, but not one I could
wholeheartedly recommend. 
...john heisel...

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