Ensign - Cast the First Stone
Nitro Records

Though I'm not familiar with this band's past releases I think I
can safely say they are a pretty straight-forward, decent hardcore band.
The songs on their latest LP, "Cast the first Stone," all involve fairly
common punky and metal riffs, breakdowns, and harsh screaming.  It's 16
songs in 27:55 so each song is like a brief burst of captured rage. Some
songs are as short as 35 seconds.   These are not fellers you would want
to piss off in a bar.  The lyrics vary between the personal "Dad you
bastard!" type and the political "Wake up, you stupid fuck!" hardcore
rantings.  The band plays well together and no particular instrument
really sticks out too much.  Overall, if you're into hardcore this is not
a bad album by any means.  Go get one and enjoy.
...steve raparelli...

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