Euphone - Calender of Unlucky Days
Jade Tree

For the first couple releases, Euphone was strictly one man and a bunch of
guest musicians. With a new label and a permanent bass fixture, Euphone
looks to break out of the Chicago post-rock scene.  With a solid record
like this and the Jade Tree tag, it shouldn't be that hard.  Euphone is
basically Ryan Rapsys (of Gauge, Sweater Weather, Radio Flyer, Heroic
Doses and sometimes Joan of Arc) and I must say, he is quite possibly the
best drummer in all of indie rock.  Most of the songs seem to be centered
around his amazing work with influences ranging from dub to jazz to
electronica and back again.  They also throw in some funked out bass stuff
and the occasional guitar; both played by the newly joined, aforementioned
Nick Macri (also of Heroic Doses).  The real interesting thing about this
band is the live show they put on.  Each song has some sort of sample or
keyboard piece going on that the drummer actually plays with his left
hand!  This guy seriously plays one-handed and does so better than most
standard drummers. Amazing. The only real complaint i have with this CD is
that like most like-sounding material, it begins to get repetitious near
the end. I know, I know, that a reviewer's copout, but I'll use it anyway.
I guess you could say that there are two great ways to listen to this cd.
One, purely as background music for studying or just chilling out. Two,
for listening to with the keenest ear, picking out all the nuances and
inticate rythmic structures thrown in.  Rock out music this ain't. Read a
...david smith...

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