The Exploder - Cut the Cord CDEP
Reptilian Records

This band released a great CD last year on this label, so I was totally 
excited to hear that they had a new record out.  I got the last CD on my 
final day of school last year and I proceeded to listen to it all summer.  
The second song graced a few mixtapes, as well.  Enough. I should give you 
a little background, no?  This band is from the east coast, land of 400 
Years, the Sleepytime Trio, and Engine Down.  The Exploder could play with 
any one of those bands in fit in quite nicely.  If you've heard any of those 
fine rock machines you know where the Exploder is coming from. If 
not...#1) shame on you and #2) they're what people typically call "screamo." 
That completely stupid term means, basically, that they play hard, fast, 
driving, "emo-based" music with the vocals typically screamed or shouted.  
I'm not a fan of the term, but you know, I'll use it for review purposes.  It 
should also be noted that this EP is much less abrasive and harsh than the 
last CD.  No, that's not a bad thing, and can usually be attributed to the 
dreadful term "maturation," but I find myself more inclined to listen to the 
last album.  Don't get me wrong though, this EP can more than stand on it's 
own two feet and rocks pretty damn hard in spots.  It's just not quite as 
harsh as the last.  This is definitely a release to pick up if you are a fan 
of any of the aforementioned bands and be sure to watch out for their 
upcoming split 12" with Griver.  This record has been in the works for a long 
long time now and contains some older material, probably closer to the stuff 
on the last CD I'd wager.  I like this band a lot and recommend anything and 
everything they've done so far.
...david smith...

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