The Exploder - This Sound Starts Right Now
Reptilian Records

I will attempt to help you, the reader, grasp a firm idea of what this album sounds like.  Imagine,
if you will, Fugazi.  OK, now with that thought installed in your head, turn up the volume, energy,
and screaming 3 or 4 times higher.  Repeat the chorus a few more times (and louder, of course), and
remove 75% of the originality from the lyrics.  That is, what I picked up of the lyrics seemed to
be rather cliche'd, typical phrases.  Many of the tracks on here really are of a high quality,
though, and to anybody looking for some good Fugazi-rocks style sound (I hate to compare any band
to Fugazi for some reason, but I can't avoid it in this case), I really recommend finding something
by The Exploder. Listen to it a few times and you'll be quite satisfied. 
...tim johnson...

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