Fabulous Disaster - Put Out or Get Out
Fat Wreck Chords

A sampling of my roommate's comments about this CD:
"Tell these short-haired biker chicks to shut the hell up. They're old and need to retire."
"I've heard better lyrics from bums on the street in Chicago singing the blues."
"Learn how to swear."
"Riot grrls need a sense of humor."
"Rich bitches and volvos piss me off, too, but then again, so does this band."
To be honest, I can't really disagree with my roommate on this one. This is some of the most bland, overproduced, "punk" music that I've heard in a very long time. The main vocals always seem to be stuck on one note, and I really can't tell the difference between one song and the next. All girl bands never seem to work, whether it be as an in-joke [The Donnas] or as serious as possible [The Lunachicks]. This should be added to the list of "must-pass" CDs for everyone.
...scott heisel...

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