The Farewell Bend - In Passing
Slowdime Records

Midwestern "emo" has had it's day. Bands like Braid, The Promise
Ring, Compound Red, and all the others are on their way to the mainstream.
Had Boys Life not broken up a year and a half ago, they'd be on thier way
too.  Unfortunately, they did. 

The Farewell Bend is John Rejba, Brandon Butler, and Paul
Ackerman.  The first two being from Boys Life and the last from Giants
Chair.  The breakups of those two bands left a lot of hearts broken last
summer, luckily the Farewell Bend sounds like a perfect mixture of the
two.  The best way to describe them is a poppy midwestern "emo" (in the
modern sense of the word) band with a slight DC influence.  Thats probably
why they picked up and left Kansas City and moved to DC earler this year.
They aren't the typical Promise Ring knock off. Sure, they have a poppy
feel, but their music drives much harder than the Promise Ring's ever did.
Brandon's vocals are more "yelping" than on the Boys Life records, but
that only adds to thier DC sound.  This band kicks the midwest sound
square in the ass and reminds you how stagnant the sound actually is.
These guys also tour like madmen (although I've missed them the last three
times they've been through) so pick up the cd and go see them the first
possble time you can. I promise they won't let you down.
...david smith...

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