The Fightbacks - End of an Era
12MFA Records

The spirit of '77 is alive and well in Cherry Valley, Illinois.  The 
Fightbacks are a group of four young men who have a lot to say, and say it 
oh-so-eloquently through fiercely spat vocals, angry guitars, and drumming 
that makes you wonder if the drummer is having seizures while 
playing.  This combination produces some really well-done punk rock that A) 
actually contains a message, B) is musically sound, and C) puts an emphasis 
on the word "punk" instead of the word "rock."  The Fightbacks realize that 
once you can capture the punk, the rock will just come naturally.  This is 
really a great debut disc from a band that could go places.  My only 
advice?  Drop the horns.  A trumpet and a trombone appear on four songs, 
and they really only make one of those tracks sound better ["another 
song"].  Otherwise, the horns give it too much of a Less Than Jake style 
instead of an Against All Authority style, which I assume these boys would 
want.  So, if you're looking for a gritty punk rock album that truly rocks 
and gets you in the mood to throw your fist up in the air, pick up "The End 
Of An Era."
...scott heisel...

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