Fireside - Uomini D'onore
Crank! Records

The new full length by Fireside entitled "Uomini D'onore" on Crank
Records is an interesting combination of different elements common on
labels such as Crank!, Caulfield, Deep Elm, and Saddlecreek among others.
In places the album is very driving and aggresive and reminds the
listener of bands like Texas is the Reason and Piebald.  During other
moments the interplay between the two guitars is slowed down in melodic
sections that you've probably heard way too many times on "The Emo
Diaries."  The same typical 'cry chords' that every 17 year-old guitar
playing fan has figured out by now are present on this album.  Fireside
have mastered the craft of immitation but, unfortunately for the familiar
listener, it still remains immitation.  There are some very notable songs
on the album such as "Sweatbead" and "Monsoon" but nothing here is going
to amaze you with its originality.  Many of the vocal melodies could have
been borrowed directly from alternative radio.  Perhaps the worst moment
on this album comes with the last song woefully entitled "(Oh I'm
So) Alone." We can only pray this song is a mockery of such self-pity.
Sadly nothing suggests it is so. The lyrics are so cliche as to make it
unlistenable. Overall "Uomini D'onore" is far from a failure of an album.
What Fireside does they do well.  The problem is it has been done
already to exhaustion. It's worth copying from your emo buddy(call her/him
that...they'll hate it) but not worth the 10 dollars it costs to order.      
...steve raparelli...

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