Freshmess on Wax - Phunk Not Punk
ZYX Records

I just saw the episode of "Boy Meets World" where older brother Eric Matthews lies about
his acceptance into Harvard University to get on a college-only episode of MTV's Singled Out.  Eric
(consistently played with stunning comic brilliance by actor Will Friedle) goes along with the sham
until his mystery dream date also 'fesses up to lying about attending Columbia University for the
same reason.  If the truth didn't eventually come out, this obviously compatible couple (they both
like cocoa!) would've split up before they even got to know each other.  I'd be lying if I told you
that "Boy Meets World" didn't frequently provide me with usable tips on how to become a better man,
and today, with a little help from my friends, I am reminded to be myself and always tell the

Put the phrase FRESHMESS ON WAX anywhere, on any album cover in any store, and I'll honestly consider purchasing that album. However, put the phrase PHUNK NOT PUNK on the same album cover, and I will be less likely to purchase that album for two reasons: 1) PHUNK. Enough already with the PH instead of F. 2) NOT PUNK. I like punk rock. Punk rock can single-handedly lift me into the air, spin me around in tightly-would circles, and then let me down gently into a sturdy chair, pat me on the back, and give me a cold refreshing Sprite just so I don't get sick. Punk rock has been good to me, and as a result I will not easily advocate something that refutes it. On the other hand, subtitle the album FURTHER ADVENTURES IN QUALITY DOPE BEATS (as does this one), and the cash register has my nickels before you can say "Jackie Robinson". What can I say, I'm the target audience for the world of buzz word advertising.
Thank heavens the album backs it up. It's 72 minutes and 16 seconds of pure bass and turntable excellence encoded into a shiny blue circle. Perhaps the best part is that it all comes to you nice and easy, transitioning nicely from track to track, and never making you cringe with misplaced electronica. My personal opinion is that you may not be able to rely on this album as a featured player at your house party, but let it do its work as an upstairs supplement, or maybe an after-hype cool down or sitting around with your girlie energy-keeper, and the party will definitely benefit. At any rate, it surely won't disappoint when everybody comes over, but there's no need to blowout the windows.
Produced by Remi Vibesman, and put together by Fat Pat; the best songs are truly left to be decided by whatever moves the individual listener. Lookout for track 4's "Flip da Script", track 7's "Feel the Wrath", track 10's "That Shandy (Now Pump Me Up)", as well as several others that refuse to let you rest.
This is a fantastic album. Truth is, I was a little skeptical to buy an album which straightforwardly proclaimed to promote NOT PUNK. Nevertheless, I went with the concept of dope beats and what I thought I really ought do. Mr. Feeny would be proud.
...kris keeker...

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