The French Kicks - S/T
My Pal God Records

With the demise of We Regazzi last summer, My Pal God has found the band
to carry the torch. The French Kicks pick up the borderline-trashy,
70's rock stylings that I love so much. This four song ep is a great
primer for the full-length these guys are sure to release. Punky and
jarring with a very odd sense of melody, the French Kicks roll through
these songs with reckless abandon. While not quite as abrasive, and dare I
say cocky, as the aforementioned Regazzi, these guys trade some of the
sneer for slight pop hookery. I couln't agree more. 

Venomous and rolling while still demanding another listen seems like the perfect combination for me. While their name was relatively unknown to me only a few days ago, now I can't stop telling people how good this is. Even if I tend towards the wimpier side of indie-rock, this is a great diversion and instantly likeable. I can't wait til the album comes out.
...david smith...

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