Frenzal Rhomb - Shut Your Mouth
Fat Wreck Chords

My first recollection of Frenzal Rhomb is their contribution to "Survival of 
the Fattest" compilation.  "Run" was the song, and what a song it was.  At age 
14, those melodic punk gems stick with you for what seems like forever.  Times, 
they have changed, but Frenzal Rhomb, they have not.  Almost any one of these 
16 tracks could have been put in place of "Run" way back then, and they all 
would have done the same thing: they would have made me sing the chorus at the 
top of my lungs, play air drums as fast as I can along with the beat, and they 
would have made me want to buy their album.  The problem is, I'm 19 now, and my 
musical tastes have matured somewhat.  I still enjoy the Fat Wreck punk every 
once in a while, as most older "punks" do.  The problem is, we age and the music 
doesn't.  The melodic punk genre has made no significant steps forward musically 
in 5 years.  Why should one expect anything more in the next 5?  Frenzal Rhomb 
seems to be content cranking out the same old music for different 14-year olds 
every year.  I wish them the best of luck, because deep down, I still like these 
guys.  I just have to act like I don't anymore.  And to end with a random thought: 
The opening drum beat on "Had Enough" sounds exactly like the opening drum beat for 
"I'm A Loner, Dottie, A Rebel," by The Get Up Kids.  Interesting.
...scott heisel...

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