Full Force - Guess Who's Comin' to the Crib?
Columbia Records

	I don't advocate Busta Rhymes' new video, "Gimme Some More".  He's gotten way too out of
hand with all this stop-motion trickery.  "Gimme Some More" looks just like "Dangerous", which
might as well be the same as "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See".  But each and every time
"Gimme Some More" comes on the television, I can't help keeping my eyes glued to the set for at
least the first 10-15 seconds.  No Monica and Tyrese team up or Foxy Brown slut fest can even
compare to the moment when young Busta, fresh from a fall from a tree and still rubbing the bump on
his head, looks up at his mama with joy and innocence to exclaim "Flipmode's the greatest".
Although I don't much care for the actual song, and (with the possible exception of Sydney Portier
and Busta's state trooper) I can't endorse the video for reasons above, I will always appreciate
Busta Rhymes for the fits of pure entertainment he sometimes brings.

GUESS WHO'S COMING TO THE CRIB? the 1987 album by the R&B lite FULL FORCE, likewise may not satisfy with its musical ability, but certainly will amuse with its lyrics and spoken word interludes. For example, the first track "Take Care Of Homework", is preceded by a hilarious scene where an apparently clueless man is warned about losing his girlfriend to an experienced other man. Says the expert to the novice: "You just better take care of homework before a dude like me push up and take your place.". In the fifth and all prose track titled "Child's Play", lead vocalist Bowlegged Lou tells his youth crew that "Y'all are crazy, y'all probably don't know what time it is" after they ask for money instead of ice cream. Many more random throwaway lines like that are splattered all over the disc, and actually highlight the album.

Musically, the best moments come on bass guitarist Shy Shy's and keyboardist Baby Gerry's effort in "Love Is For Suckers (Like Me and You)", the soulful "All In My Mind" and "Your Love Is So Def", and B-fine's street-fighting drum experiment on "Black Radio".

FULL FORCE seems to have had a genuinely good time while making the album, and you can't help wish them the best while reading the production notes. The six performers (including vocalist Paul Anthony, and lead guitarist Curt-t-t) own the kind of fun-loving, yet tough attitude that it wouldn't surprise you if they were once in negotiation with NBC for their own Saturday morning cartoon show.

Like most albums, the songs on GUESS WHO'S COMING TO THE CRIB? are catchy enough that if you listen to them, you'll start to like them. Casual listeners might also get a kick out of Lisa Lisa's guest verse on the first song, and the earliest use of the phrase "knockin' boots" that I've ever heard, complements of track 6's "Full Force Git Money $".
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