The Fuses / Uniform - Split 7"
Morphius Records

The Fuses jumped at me out of nowhere last fall when I first 
heard their debut CD, "Are Lies". They drew influence from 
classic punk like Gang of Four and early Clash, and combined 
it into a paranoid, high-speed rock-n-roll adventure. Recently, 
I was quite happy to open my mail and fine their new 7" (a 
split with Uniform). The Fuses side of the 7" is reminiscent of 
their full-length, but doesn't sound like any of the songs from 
it. Uniform's side is a little more mid-tempo lo-fi garage rock 
in style, but the vocalist sounds like Richard Hell, I do believe. 
Both bands play a song called "In Love With Electricity," but 
they are musically different, and I can't tell if the lyrics 
match up. If you're into 70s punk, and like to hear bands that 
can not only play the style well, but throw in enough new stuff 
to make you glad that you're alive today, check this 7" out, or 
better, pick up The Fuses' "Are Lies".
...john heisel...

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