Gameface - Every Last Time
Revelation Records

Man, talk about genre-crossing.  We need to think of a good word that
describes emo and punk together.  Anywhoo, Gameface rocks.  This band is
finally catching on with a lot of people, so I hear, and it's about damn
time.  They flawlessly lay down catchy vocals and not-too-difficult
drumming with intricate guitar rhythms and crazy bass lines, making
you guess whether these kids wear old sweaters and geeky glasses, or chain
wallets and Vans.  Pop-punk?  Emo?  Some wild, wacky, new word that has yet
to be invented by yours truly (I'm sort of leaning towards 'puemo')?
Either way, the CD is really good, and you need to check them out, pronto.
...scott heisel...

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