Glossary - This is All We've Learned About Living
Champ Records

To summarize, this album is twangy, poppy, indie-rock... like the pop trio Anne
Summers covering Top Petty. I make that comparison for a few reasons. First,
the vocals. Glossary has the same rhythmic enunciation and  pseudo-British
accent as Anne Summers. The chorus of track four, "Daydream Driving", with it's
stuttering "why-y-y should I even try-y-y" reminds me if the similarly
infectious sing along chorus of Anne Summers' "Uh-huh, On-no." Secondly, the
record demonstrates a strong influence of country flavored rock, a la Tom
Petty. Glossary is definitely not trying to conceal their country influence:
ukelele, organs or lap steel are present in nearly every song on the record,
along with that toe tappin' finger picked guitar you'd expect to hear on a hay
ride or at a livestock auction. What do you expect, the guys are from
Tennessee! The album begins with a quiet duet of twangy guitar and male &
female harmony, but abruptly picks up with a rush of drum and electric guitar.

Track 2, "Just Be A Rampart" keeps up the pace with a happily upbeat rhythm and cleverly timed, intricate guitar. A combination of beat and haphazard, unpolished guitar that (when successful), like in Pavement, displays a level of confidence and cohesiveness that makes a band worth while. The album takes a breather with the lazy, acoustic range song "Serenade Us." Track 5 picks back up with some straight up rock, tight hooks and plentiful metal guitar. "Frozen Satisfaction" demonstrates both the band's ability to seamlessly integrate tempo changes and their clever lyrics. Also of note, the song does not have an obvious verse-chorus-verse pattern: I enjoy a less predictable in the extreme case of Radiohead's "Paranoid Android." Unfortunately, following the last rocker "Counter Culturism," the album's last tracks seem to drift off into a generally uninteresting sound. Tracks 10 and 12 both begin with catchy guitar intros, but proceed to bland melodies and an overall un-energetic finale to the record. While not every track displays Glossary's full potential (in my humble opinion) the several that do make this album worth while.
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