Gob - How Far Shallow Takes You
Fearless Records

     Gob is a Canadian hardcore band.  The Canadians, despite their
chipper nature, seem to have chips on their shoulders.  I would advise
boosting the military force we have guarding the US/Canadian border if
the hardcore scene in England's Wussy Cousin is any indication of the
national character.  They could overpower us with sheer shrieking and
low guttural rumblings.
     The album, how far shallow takes you, is very listenable.  There
is a certain sense in which most hardcore bands sound basically the
same, but gob far exceeds the quality of most hardcore.  I usually
rate hardcore like this:  bad hardcore is unlistenable, average
hardcore is okay on your stereo but better seen live, and good
hardcore is very good to pop in and get drunk to, or smash your room
apart to.  Gob falls into the last category.
     Lyrically, eh.  They're not bad, but not so good that you are
going to print up the lyric sheets and hang it on your bulletin board.
 Of course 90% of the time God alone knows what they are saying
anyway, and he probably is none too happy about it.
     Vocally, cool.  If I could make my voice do that, I would be a
lot cooler guy.
     Instrumentally, pretty tight, very solid.  Enjoyable--again
nothing inventive here, but what they decide to play they play well.
     All in all, a worthy album.
...ron provine...

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