Gods Reflex - Shifting 7"
Rebound Records

The cover of the newest Gods Reflex 7", Shifting, has a definition of the
word. The definition can be summed up as changing, a perfect
name for this 7". Gods Reflex have matured lyrically and musically since
the early 1998 release of their album, A Brief Lesson in Affection.
Shifting kicks off with Perfect Blankets for November, a song that builds
and explodes so often you feel like you're in downtown Belgrade during a
NATO bombing campaign (tasteless reference, I know, but someone out there
with a sick sense of humor just laughed). Dandelion is a slower song, but
with just the right tempo that all the kids can easily dance to it.
Flipping the 7" over gives us Careering, a song that has a guitar line
that sounds suspiciously like Musings on an Otherwise Anniversary from
their album. The vocals blend Zach's powerful voice with Phil's
whispered-yet-shouted style of backing vocals. Phil, of course, is singing
something completely different (and as far as I can tell, something not
printed on the lyric sheet), which gives this song an atmosphere much
different than Musings. Shifting ends with Unfastened in Your Car, a
slowed-down song that builds up and crescendoes with a loud guitar and
Phil's backing vocals complementing Zach's. Gods Reflex is moving in a new
direction, only hinted at on their album. And from having heard these
songs and seen them performed live numerous times, I can say that I
couldn't be happier. Pick this 7" up and see them on tour!
...john heisel...

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