Guttermouth - Gorgeous
Nitro Records

Well, I can say one thing, it's definately Guttermouth.  I really don't
think this band could be confused with anyone else, they are very original.
 But you must remember, originality does NOT always equal a good CD.  While
the band has developed it's own twisted sense of humor (with their biggest
'joke' being that all rollerbladers are gay), their style hasn't changed at
all.  I got pretty bored listening to this, to tell you the truth.  Basic
hardcore-ish punk, with snotty vocals.  There are a few nice moments to
this CD, like the hidden track (why does every single band feel the need to
do one of these now?) where Guttermouth is playing at a school assembly or
something to that extent.  The layout sucks horribly, though, especially
the back cover.  Maybe it's just me, but I have no way of telling the order
of the songs from reading the back.  It actually gave me a mild headache
trying to decipher it.  Stick to the basics, guys, just use numbers!  I
wouldn't pay 13 or 14 bucks for this, but if I was in a record store on a
rainy day, I might pick this up.
...scott heisel...

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