H2O - F.T.T.W.

H2O is back, and they haven't lost a step at all with their third effort.
The term 'melodic hardcore' is thrown around a lot these days, describing
all sorts of otherwise unclassifiable bands.  H2O is melodic
hardcore -- they are kick-ass hardcore to be exact, with some catchy,
sing/shout along melodies.  Songs like "Faster Than The World" keep you
gasping for breath with it's sense of urgency, whereas "Guilty By
Association" is one of those songs with a chorus that's instantly imbedded
in your mind for weeks to come.  They even cover the old classic "Not Just
Boy's Fun" as a hidden track.  Although they seemed to shoot themselves in
the foot by listing the words to the hidden track (nullifying any element
of surprise), there is actually a good reason: the lyrics themselves,
talking about how women are equal to men.  H2O is more than a band, more
than a crew - they are a fucking experience.  Go see them live, and if you
can't, buy this, crank it up real loud, and close your eyes. 
...scott heisel...

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