David Hillyard & The Rocksteady Seven - Playtime
Hellcat Records

	David Hillyard, the renowned Ska saxaphone player, has done it again.  He
has released yet another CD with his newest project, "David Hillyard and
the Rocksteady 7."  For those of you not familiar with David Hillyard, he
used to play sax for Hepcat, and is now a member of New York's "The
Slackers."  He has done numerous recording and performing with other
ska/punk bands, such as Rancid, Skinnerbox, Judge Dread, the Stubborn
All-Stars and the Version City All-Stars.  Other members of this group have
been recruited from such bands as Mephiskapheles, Skinnerbox, and the

If the all-star lineup doesn't have you drooling already, just pop in the CD and have a listen. The Rocksteady 7 play a smooth, traditional ska sound with very defined jazzy undertones. The music this band plays was made for dancing. If you're a fan of trad ska in general, or even jazz for that matter, check this CD out. For those of you who have never even heard of this group, I would compare them to Hepcat, The Slackers, The Stubborn All-Stars, and the Blue Rhythm Band. If you want my own personal opinion on this CD, I thought it was fabulous. Go out and buy it.
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