Hi-Standard - Making the Road
Fat Wreck Chords

The promo sheet for this calls these guys "The Japanese Beatles."  Boy, are
they wrong.  Hi-Standard, for those who don't know, are a Japanese punk
trio, who, more or less, sound like the majority of the Fat catalog:
Medium-fast tempo, boring lyrics, semi-melodic, and extremely bland and
generic.  For some reason, these guys are huge in Japan, and over 400,000
copies of this CD have sold there.  What a waste of plastic.  I guess if
you're addicted to Fat and you feel like you have to own everything they
put out, regardless of quality, this record is for you.  For the rest of
the public who DON'T always buy an album based on the label it's on, skip
this and save your money for the new Consumed album.
...scott heisel...

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