Hollow - Modern Cathedral
Nuclear Blast

	It's hard to believe that this is on Nuclear Blast, the one-time Mecca for relentless death metal.
No doubt true death bangers would froth in rage upon hearing Hollow, a band best described as
tasteful heavy metal at its most melodic.
	Sounding like a cross between "Mindcrime"-era Queensryche and a heavier Europe, these
Swedes bravely stand against the prevailing trend in metal. Their effort is noble, but, alas, just
too much on the wimpish side for me to endorse fully. Just when the band starts to crunch hard,
it's time for the dreaded acoustic guitar to make an appearance. The vocals of Andreas Stoltz have
plenty of range but lack fire...he sounds like a pretty boy to me. A bit more aggression would
	The record starts strong with the powerful melodic tracks "Trademark", "Can You Hear Me?"
and "Speak to Me" but peters out pretty quickly thereafter. The insipid piano ballad "Whispers" is
Bon Jovi territory and sorry, I don't go there.
	There's a growing underground for the type of melodic, progressive heavy metal Hollow is
trying their hand at, but these guys aren't quite there yet. Give em time and a tougher attitude,
and they might make a mark.  
...mike korn...

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