Huntingtons - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Tooth & Nail

     Now that the Ramones have grown tired and old, these guys are
much better at being the Ramones than the Ramones are.  With Debbie
Harry making a comeback, maybe she will start dating one of *these*
guys to try to catch punk cred like an STD.

The word that best describes this album is 'breakneck'. Songs are over before you notice they began. This is probably a good thing, because there is very little variety in the instrumentals and the vocals and long, complex songs would be pretty annoying. In fact the entire album can be seen as 22 short short songs or one big long choppy song.

It is good and it is fun though. Songs like "wimpy Drives Through Harlem" "Goddess and the Geek" and "Jeannie Hates the Ramones" are entertaining and funny. In true punk rock style, even songs like "Aloha, It's You" which start out seeming like an earnest effort to be poignant end in hilarious self-parody.

In the final analysis, this really is a good album. Fans of the Ramones should absolutely check it out. In fact, everybody who wishes they were in high school in the 80's lusting after Molly Ringwald and hating James Spader because he has a Porsche and refuses to button his shirts should buy this album and play it in their shitty cars a lot while they cruise around town wondering where all their friends went to.
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