I Hate Myself / Twelve Hour Turn Split LP
No Idea Records

I'd just like to say that No Idea is one of the most creative labels out
there.  They have the best layouts for records(including this one), almost
everything is done on colored vinyl(including this one), plus they find
obscure emo bands like these  two and promote them.  This LP took a little
while to grow on me, seeing as how both bands border on the "screamo"
subgenre, which I'm not too fond of.  But as you play it over again, you
start listening for the words, which are few and far between, and to the
slightly off key, but just as emotional vocals, which make all the songs.
The musicianship isn't spectacular, but that's what makes this record so
darn good.  There's no polish, it's all natural, or so it sounds.  If
you're open minded about your record collection, give this one a shot.
...scott heisel...

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