V/A - Incompatible Issue #1
Victory Records

This is the first time I've seen what will probably be the next logical step in zines -- a CD-ROM
zine with a compilation attached. It makes a lot of sense. The fine people at Punk Uprisings put
together the zine and released it through Victory Records to get good distribution for it. I'll
tackle the zine first -- The interface was a bit clunky, but it's the first issue so I will forgive
it. The zine includes an article on George Tabb of Furious George and his fight against the people
who own the trademark to Curious George, interviews with Atom and His Package, 88 Fingers Louie,
Kid Dynamite, Less Than Jake, and a half dozen others, columns, live videos by Atom, Damnation AD,
Kid Dynamite and a half dozen other bands, cd reviews, an art gallery, a photo gallery, and even a
student film by Arun of I Farm. My only complaint (other than the clunkiness of the interface) was
that the video footage would not display when I tried to load it through the zine. When I loaded it
through Windows Explorer it worked fine, so I don't know where the problem is. Now let's move on to
the music. Even if you don't have a CD ROM, this CD is worth buying for the bands on it: Atom and
His Package, Fast Times, and Less Than Jake all provide great tracks. Atom covers his lust for Enya
in a song that took some getting used to, but now I dig it. 88 Fingers Louie figure out the perfect
mix of melody and hardcore in their track. Fast Times, who I had never heard of before, sound a bit
like Naked Aggression, only that the female singer has a tougher and more pissed off sounding
voice. The I HATE YOU track reminds me of Oppressed Logic's live show, which was great. Less Than
Jake provide one of the best ska songs I have heard in a long time. This comp is worth it just for
their song (unless it's available elsewhere). Six Going on Seven give a weak emo song that could
probably get tons of airplay on alternative radio. The Ultimate Warriors close the disc with a
guitar heavy scream song that is pretty good. In between are some pretty good songs by bands I'd
never heard before -- All Out War, Kid Dynamite, Indecision, Lanemeyer and others make this disc a
pretty good buy.
...john heisel...

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