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May 29, 2001
Chris Murray - 4-Trackaganza! (Asian Man Records)
I was never one to proclaim undying love for the genre of ska music...

Yesterday's Kids - Everything Used To Be Better (Panic Button)
"Everything Used to Be Better" . . . ? Nope...

May 18, 2001
The Fairlanes - Welcome to Nowhere (Suburban Home Records)
People's standards of an "incredible" album have really gone downhill as of late...

The Fuses / Uniform - Split 7" (Morphius Records)
The Fuses jumped at me out of nowhere last fall when I first heard their debut CD, "Are Lies"...

The Heroine Sheiks - Rape on the Installment Plan (Reptilian Records)
I only saw the Cows perform live once...

Pepe Deluxe - Super Sound (Emperor Norton)
I like the vocal samples in the songs on this CD; they are NEW and FRESH and HIP and certainly fit in quite well...

Roto - The Low Power Hour (Resin Records)
Is there anybody in the world that doesn't know about US exploitation of Native Americans?

Weezer - The Green Album (Geffen Records)
"Jimmy, come read this article in the paper..."

May 4, 2001
El Guapo - The Geography of Dissolution (Mud Memory)
It's strange when the first release you hear by a band is a live recording...

V/A - No-Fi Trash (Floppy Cow Records)
This is a compilation released on the Swiss label, Floppy Cow Records, intended as a sort of overview of the American pop-punk/emo scene, and it comes off with a real Drive Thru Records aftertaste...

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