Jejnue - R.I.P.
Big Wheel Recreation

Too many great bands have been deciding to call it quits lately.  Some are smart enough 
to reconsider [Cursive], whereas some just like to change their name, kick out a really 
talented band member, and write increasingly boring music [*cough*Braid*cough*].  Jejune 
seems to have taken the third route -- complete disbandment.  "R.I.P." offers up 5 new 
tracks recorded by the band before their breakup, and the rest are either remastered 
tracks from 7"s or remixed versions of songs.  The new tracks make me wonder why Jejune 
called it quits -- "Record City After World" sounds like it would fit right in on their 
last CD, and "The New State" is great, simple pop-rock.  This band obviously still had it 
in them; why throw in the towel?  Moving on to the collected songs -- Some of these I had 
never heard before, meaning there is still some obscure comp or 7" out there I don't have.  
My favorite Jejune song ever, "The Early Stars" [from their split with Jimmy Eat World] is 
on here, but the so-called "remastered" version sounds less powerful than the original -- 
some things are just better left untouched.  The two remixed tracks are throwaways with no 
redeeming value to them, which makes me question just how important this CD was.  Yes, the 
5 new songs are great, but why not just an EP?  The "remastered" songs seem to have lost the 
edge that first made Jejune appealing and fresh, and as mentioned before, the remixes are 
pointless.  Jejune was an incredible band, but this is not the way they should have gone out.
...scott heisel...

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