Jejune - This Afternoon's Malady
Big Wheel Recreation

It's about time this band released this CD.  It has been being mastered,
remastered, mixed, etc. for who knows how long.  But it is worth the wait.
I can honestly say that Jejune is one of the greates bands of all time.
The way they take 'typical' emo and interweave it with an indie rock flavor
just amazes me.  And their vocals are astounding.  Female vocals always hit
me right in the heart, and they are weaved perfectly with their male
vocals, which are as melodic as one could get.  This CD is a musical
tapestry, moving me to tears one song, and having me slam my head in
another.  Emo, shme-mo.  This band is rock 'n' roll should be, plain and
...scott heisel...

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