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It's incredibly hard to do this review without mentioning the
bands that each member of Jets to Brazil used to be in.  With that said, I am
not even going to try to avoid it: this is an "all-star" band. Plain and
simple.  Unless you've been living in a cave for the last eight months, you
know the Jets are Blake Schwarzenbach (of Jawbreaker), Jeremy Chatelin (of
Handsome), and Chris Daly (of Texas is the Reason).  With a line-up like that,
you can be sure that the expectations were running high, but the Jets do a
damn fine job quelling any sort of speculation: they rock.  

One part post-hardcore, one part new wave, their sound, while taking elements
from each, does not resemble any one of their previous bands specifically.
The cd opens with a wah-heavy rocker called "Crown of the Valley." Though
typically cheesy, the wah effects here are done in taste and set the tone for
the rest of the album. As the songs go on, you get a feeling of how diverse
this cd really is.  Some songs are opened with a keyboard, others with loud
crunchy guitars, and a few are straight ballads showcasing the lyrical genius
of this cd.  Blake, who wrote the lyrics for Jawbreaker, has always been known
for his lyrical proficiency.  Having a degree in English literature doesn't
hurt any, either.  A majority of the lyrics on the cd are actually based on
books that he has read over the last few years.  The last track, "Sweet
Avenue" a both lyrically and musically beautiful song finishes off the album
in a perfectly sentimental retrospective.  With his signature rasp, he lays
out lines like "Now all these tastes improve through the view that comes with
you / Like they handed me my life / For the first time it felt right " and
"Budding at my fingertips / Touching you I start to bloom." I'd venture to say
that anyone who's ever loved knows these feelings; Blake articulates them

At the moment, "emo" is running it's course in the underground, sure to be the
next big thing.  In a world of bands ripping off the Promise Ring and Braid
this record is a perfect break from that trend.  Jets to Brazil offer us an
original, breathing, living cd.  Once you realize that this is not the new
Jawbreaker or Texas is the Reason disc, the true power and beauty of this
record hits you. It's hold will not soon let go. Pick up this disc as soon as
you can and let it envelop you.
...david smith...

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