Jimmy Eat World - S/T
Fueled By Ramen

Wow.  This band is the reason emo is as big as it is today, and this CD is
the reason why emo is not dying any time soon.  JEW popularized the style
while on Capitol Records, and have evolved into one of the best emo groups
around.  With this 5 song EP on Fueled By Ramen, we get a taste of their
new album, "Clarity," due out in February.  I want, nay, NEED to hear more.
 "Lucky Denver Mint" kicks things off, with a U2 "With Or Without
You"-esque feel to it.  Almost immediately you'll be engrossed for 20
minutes of nonstop action, that makes you want to learn the words pronto so
you can sing along.  Get this, and soon. 
...scott heisel...

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