J. Majesty - S/T
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Ever wonder what Jawbox would sound like if they had not broken up?  J. 
Majesty is your answer.  Hailing from New York City by way of Salt Lake 
City, this four-piece could pass off as a Jawbox tribute band, if it was 
not for their uncanny musicianship.  J. Majesty succeeds where Jawbox only 
thought about venturing -- they groove.  "No School" has such a 
simplistic beat, with an almost wah-wah like guitar part and half shouted 
vocals.  Songs like "West Side Highway" and "Heceta" slowly slide along, 
with quiet guitar and drum parts.  "One Three Five" comes rocking from the 
first beat.  There's even two instrumentals on here.  The one common area 
between all of these songs is the fact that they groove.  This is 
where J. Majesty will be able to avoid the simple "they sound like Jawbox" 
line -- you can't deny these guys' passion for their music, and their 
talent, either.  This might be one of the shortest reviews I will write 
this year, but why over analyze what is one of the best sounding albums of 
the year?
...scott heisel...

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