John Galt - S/T
Fifth Market

You'd be surprised how much noise two people can make. John Galt is a noisy
band. It is also a two-piece band. Composed of identical twins Hoey &
Jaredrawk, John Galt brings the listener all the rawk they can stand. Jared
and Hoey used to be in a band called Jal Lure, who also brought the rawk,
but in a much less cohesive way. John Galt sounds like the boys took a lot
of speed and then tried to play their old songs at the speed of their
minds. They claim to be influenced by Melt Banana and godheadsilo among
others, and from what I know of those two bands, fans of those bands would
be pleased. Jared's guitar is fast and frenzied, and I can't imagine Hoey
staying behind the kit for long; the music just sounds too spazzy for
anyone to stay in one place. If there was a way to roll around on the floor
and bang on the drums, I'm sure Hoey is perfecting it right now. All in
all, I don't know what else to say about John Galt except that they make
one hell of a fucking loud rocking noise for two people. This EP is a very
promising start for this band, and I look forward to hearing great things
from them in the future.
...john heisel...

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