Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Acme
Matador / Capitol Records

The Blues Explosion are a mainstay of Matador and indie rock.  They've 
achieved considerable success.  They produce a sort of old school 
rock'n'roll with a Blues sensibility.  There's also a whole lotta love and 
energy in their music, it's loud and usually noisy, and Jon Spencer's 
crooning, wonderful (yet often meaningless and self-promoting) lyrics put 
all the pieces together.  

This new album was recorded partially by Steve Albini, but funny enough, 
those tracks are the cleanest and most produced on the album.  Though that 
could be considered a detractor from the Explosion's charm, I don't 
believe it does.  I have their last effort, Now I Got Worry, and it was 
almost too raw, noisy, and full of feedback.  This surely fixes those 
problems.  The energy still comes through and the power is there.  I'm a 
big fan of the Blues Explosion, and I like listening to this album very 
much.  For a newcomer to the Explosion, this might be the most accessible 
of all their albums, possibly without a sense of some of their pioneering 
...tim johnson...

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