Jughead's Revenge - Pearly Gates
Nitro Records

Everything about the packaging and even
promotional material of this CD indicated suck-o-rama,
but the album itself was a very pleasant surprise. 
Like buying some monstrous smelly shit coloured coat
at a thrift store because it's the warmest thing you
can afford and then finding a $20 in some long
forgotten inside pocket.

Maybe not a $20, but at least a $5.
The songs are well done pop punk, only lyrically gritty. Think older Offspring if, instead of being a college smart ass Dexter had been a really smart truck driver. The songs are less political than social, less angry than bitter, less flamboyant than trashy.
These Valley Streets and Lolita were really good songs -- and don't let me confuse you, this album may deal with serious themes for a lot of the songs but there is no agenda being rammed down your throat for the most part. It still sounds fun and upbeat, in the event you're one of the sons of bitches who cares only about that.
Hearing their cover of The Cars' "Just What I Needed" was interesting because it was a fairy true cover, right down to '80s Ric Ocasek style vocals.
Kill Security, an anti-bouncer song, is interesting because it makes Jughead's Revenge seem like one of the only bands I have heard recently who actually *go* to shows even where they aren't uber-elite fucking punk rock scenesters (whiny fucking good looking members of the suburban upper middle class natural aristocracy wearing punk rock uniforms for a few years) and actually get hassled upon occasion. The song's good, too.
Maybe this is what all the other bands with uber-trashy artwork and badass liner note photos are trying to be like. It's too bad they aren't.
...ron provine...

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