Julie Doiron - Will You Still Love Me?
Tree Records

You know something's wrong with cd if you can listen to it attentively 5 
times over and not remember a single specific thing about it.  Such is the 
case with Julie's Doiron's new ep just released on Tree Records.  From what I 
gather, she used to play with the band Eric's Trip (whom I've never heard, 
but have heard OF) and has already released a full-length CD on Sub Pop. I can't 
compare this to any of that, but I'll try to give an accurate picture of what 
this ep sounds like.  The first words that come to mind: soft, mellow, 
intimate, breathy (I have no clue why), stark.  She has a very nice voice, no 
doubt about that.  Thing is,  I usually dig the soft stuff pretty much (Ida, 
Low, Jen Wood, Red House Painters, Tom Lomacchio, etc etc) but I just can't 
get into this.  I don't know why.  I guess it just annoys me that I can't 
remember a single thing about this; neither the music nor the lyrics stick 
out in my mind at all.  I guess it just annoys me because I should like this a 
whole lot.  I guess it just annoys me that the second set of words I come up with 
are: nondescript and bland.
...david smith...

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