Juno - This is the Way it Goes & Goes & Goes
Desoto Records

Hoo boy, this is the surprise album of a long time for me.  I had heard
the name before because I remember them releasing a 7" on Jade Tree, but I
never checked them out. It's so refreshing to hear a band that has a sound
that can't really be pinpointed. I guess all I can really say is that it's
indie. What the hell does that tell you though? This is undeniably a rock
album though, I do know that much. Much more is beyond me. Oh, wait, the
fact that I love them I know too.

From start to finish this is a captivating piece of work. The first track starts off on an experimental tip with some samples over some fuzzed-out music giving way to volume and the rock. The second kinda starts off defining their sound a bit with a "heavy" indie sorta thing...it's hard to explain the sound, but bands like Shiner and Roadside Monument have it. They come across as feeling heavy without being the slightest bit metal or really that heavy at all. Being no guitar player (and probably way off) I'd wager to guesss it has to do with the key they're playing in. Powerful shit, this is. The third song doesn't really sound like the first, and the fifth sounds almost shoe-gazery and mostly instrumental before the distorted vocals kick in at the end. It's a ten minute opus that never gets dull in the slightest. The seventh is straight up rock, Jawbox style. Through all of these changes though, they manage to keep a fairly consistant and definable sound. All these elements come together to create a sound that is distinctly their own. How refreshing, eh? Some bands try and try to pull this off only to end up sounding like about 6 different bands. Not Juno, though. This is a great cd and worthy of every penny you *will* spend on it. And with guest vocals by the superb Jen Wood, how can you miss?
...david smith...

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