Kill Holiday - Somewhere Between the Wrong is Right
Revelation Records

When I first heard this I couldn't tell if I hated it and thought it was
too cheesy or if the pop-loving side of me was in love with it. After a
few engaged listens, I could wholeheartedly say that my pop side was
digging this pretty hard. The first thing that comes to mind when you hear
the singer's voice is The Smiths. He's got a semi-British accent going on
and he seems to use the same kinds of inflection on the words he sings as
Morrissey does.  The good thing is that they don't let his voice override
the music like the Smiths obviously did. whereas the Smiths were a vocal
vehicle for Morrissey, Kill Holiday is much more rocking and music based.
The best description I can come up with is: someone gave everyone in the
Smiths steriods but Morrissey. Therefore they rock out and actually turn
on some distortion. That might not sound enticing to all you 80's music
haters, but trust me, Kill Holiday knows how to bust out the jams. They
play some tight, melodic, rock music over the vocalist's strained, pretty
voice.  This is a really catchy and poppy cd, but it still rules (like the
Smiths did). 
...david smith...

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