Korea Girl
Asian Man

Whoa, Asian Man is really expanding their roster these days. It's good to
see labels straying from a typical sound. At first Asian Man was all
about ska, then it naturally merged and released some punk CDs, but now
it seems as though they're getting on the indie/emo thang as well. Always
a good thing...expand those horizons. 

Korea Girl is an all out pop band that reminds me a hell of a lot of Versus. I mean, the guy's voice sounds almost like the male Versus singer's does. Interestingly enough, he splits vocal duties with a female singer too. I guess these guys are like Versus lite, they seem to be lacking in the sonic power that Versus has. That may be due to the weak recording of this record. It's pretty low-fi sounding which I'm sure is intentional, but I'm more inclined to turn shit up and rock out with the full sound. Hey, that's just me though, lame rock critic boy. It's a good CD, really poppy and catchy but I guess I just want it to kick a little more ass. My roomate just leaned over to me and said "this band could be on Matador." Fair enough, I'd buy that. This is indie pop, pretty simplistic and stripped down, but catchy and pleasing as well. I think the lyrics leave a little something to be desired as they tend to be pretty self-explanatory and basic (see: "Reunion" -- a song about a high school reunion). This is a fun band, harmless and enjoyable to listen to. I like it pretty well I reckon.
...david smith...

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