Kid With Man Head - Fond Memories of the Halibut Rodeo
24/7 Records

What's up, bro?
Not much.
Check it, man, I got the new Gameface CD today!
Really?  Hand it over, bro, I'll put it on.
[hands over CD]
What the hell is this, Kid with Man Head?  This isn't Gameface!
Dude, just put it on, trust me.
[puts CD on]
Wow, that definitely sounds like Jeff's voice.  And listen to those stacked Marshall amps 
blasting out the rock!
Totally, bro.
But it all sounds a little too sloppy and repetitive to be Gameface, ya know.
That's the beauty of this -- Gameface is *obviously* releasing this under a different band 
name and making it extra simple and unoriginal to see if people will catch on.  I mean, what 
band would *purposely* rip off Gameface this much?  This has to be an inside joke, kind of 
like Reggie and the Full Effect or something.
Whatever you say, bro.  Now pass me "Every Last Time," would you?  I need to rock.
...scott heisel...

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