Lagwagon - Let's Talk About Feelings
Fat Wreck Chords

I had really low expectations for this CD. As I popped it into my CD player
I was surprised to hear some nice melodic guitar licks that didn't bore the
hell out of me. Let's Talk About Feelings pretty much blows right by you
because all the songs sound pretty similar. When I first listened to it, I
thought the first song went on for a rather long time -- then I realized it
was on track 4. Whoops. Lagwagon, for the most part, sticks to melodic
hardcore with nice and slick pop riffs that draw the listener in and don't
let go. On Hurry Up and Wait, Lagwagon go all out hardcore and rock out
seriously. But that song is less than a minute long, so the fun is over too
quickly. The Kids Are All Wrong is a pretty pointless acoustic ballad, and
May 18, the track following it, rocks out slightly, but not enough to make
up for the pointlessness of the previous song. Judge, please strike those
two tracks from the record. The album ends with Owen Meaney, a slower song,
but a slow song that shows that Lagwagon *can* do slow songs. All in all, I
was very impressed with this album, and I recommend it to people who are
into poppy songs with a slightly harder edge.
...john heisel...

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