Lard - 70's Rock Must Die
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The first time I listened to this new EP from Jello Biafra and Ministry, I
hated it.

70's Rock Must Die starts with a classic rock guitar riff and Jello singing like he's in Rush. Sounds like it could be amusing, right? Well, it's not, at first. The song goes on for 7 minutes, and it almosts sounds like Jello is paying tribute to 70's rock bands, as opposed to parodying them. After the second or third listen, though, I got the joke, I guess, and I am digging the song.
While none of the songs on this EP really live up to Lard's earlier standards, the second track -- Volcanus 2000 (We Wipe The World) -- probably does the best job of trying. Starting out with a minute of feedback noise and Jello speaking, the song blows up into a pounding guitar riff and drum machines. It sounds pretty similar to a song that was contained, I think, on Lard's last album, Pure Chewing Satisfaction. However, I still haven't gotten around to buying that on CD, and I can't find my dubbed copy (yeah, dubbed, that's right -- fuck the record industry!) so I am not sure what it sounds exactly like.
The EP ends with The Ballad of Marshall Ledbetter, another song in the traditional Lard vein. Apparently, Ledbetter seized the Capitol building in Florida and demanded to speak to Chuck D, Timothy Leary, Ice Cube, Lemmy from Motorhead, and Jello Biafra, among others. Jello basically retells the story in this song, but it's just not too interesting.
The liner notes for this EP are done in the classic cut-and-paste fashion that have been a part of Jello Biafra's releases since the Dead Kennedys. However, they don't make up for the lackluster music on this EP. If you're a fan, you've already got this. If you're looking to get started on Lard, pick up The Last Temptation of Reid.
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