The Lassie Foundation - Pacifico

"Pacifico" is the first full-length record from Southern 
California's Lassie Foundation.  The album does not move very fast,
and if I could describe it in two words it would be "pleasant" and
"dreamy."  Highlights include "Crown of the Sea," which spotlights
vocalist Wayne Everett's Brian Wilson falsetto, and "I've Got the 
Rock and Roll for You," a sparkly gem reminiscent of early-1980s
English skinny-tie bands.  The slow, distortion-and-synthesizer
sound does get a bit tiresome; however, under all the keyboard and
vocal layers lies a good rock sound, especially in "Come On, Let 
Your Lime Light Shine."  There is nothing to dislike about
"Pacifico", really.  The CD shimmers and flows, the perfect backdrop
to slow summer evenings--you can almost smell the chlorine, charcoal,
and orange soda.
...crystalline scoggin...

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