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Beggar's Banquet

I like this stuff.  This is that kind of electronic music which features a
lot of samples, a'la that DJ Shadow that the kids really like, and throws nice 
groovy melodies on top of 'em.  There are samples talking about nervous 
tension, there are samples of british women talking, there are lots and lots
of samples.  And the beats are groovadelic, a'la DJ Shadow (whom the kids 
really like).  You could really bug out to this.  It reminds me a bit of the
DJ Me, DJ You stuff that came out a year or so ago.  These are songs with 
nice melodies, interesting selections of instruments (pianos, synthesized 
orchestras, guitars, dings) and nice, mellow sampled grooves.  The beats are
superb, too.  Mellow.  

What genre would this be, though? DJ music? Techno? New-age? Trip hop? That one genre-bending genre?
Who cares... this is very good music. If you dug that DJ Shadow CD you or your friend had, but never got into anything else like it; if you enjoy those kinds of beat-driven yet upbeat soundtracks you're hearing on television commercials these days, but didn't know where they came from... you'd enjoy this album a lot. Lemonjelly knows where to find good samples, they know how to lay them out, and they know how to create a steady mellow groove. Lounge around to this CD, make yourself a gin and tonic, cool off in your Barcalounger... have a lazy day, with some... dance music? Mood music for the year 2001.
...tim johnson...

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