Lower East Side Stitches - Staja98LES
NG Records

After reading the promo sheet for this band, I was pretty excited -- George Tabb of MRR wrote it
and praised the Stitches highly. The album starts out with a nice guitar lick and quickly heads
into a snotty 77-style punk song. The album sounds very slick, which is not a bad thing. The second
song is the obvious rocker -- NYC Is Dead -- a song about how badly Rudy Giulani has fucked up the
world's favorite bastion of scum, New York City. Staja98LES progresses to Naked A, a song about,
well, a drunk guy getting naked. Punk rock! Unload/Reload has a pretty tight guitar lick going on
throughout. The verse is kind of boring, but the chorus is rather catchy. Parasite takes the band
on a more hardcore route than the rest of the CD. Rustic City reminds me of the Clash, which,
again, is a good thing. Jungle Man is a forgettable trash-rock song in the vein of Nashville Pussy.
Reasonable snottiness returns on Disgusted. Frustration reminds me of Black Flag, only, um, not.
The rest of the tracks on this album are rather forgettable. I usually don't ask for albums to be
shorter, but this is one time where I think it's justified. Staja98LES is a pretty good album of
drunkpunkrock for the first half or so. After that it gets kind of boring and interminable. While
I'll still trust George Tabb's punk rock recommendations, now I'll do it with a slight grain of
...john heisel...

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